Summer Lunch

One of my favourite lunches, and one that takes me back to my childhood is pickled onion sandwhiches with tomatoes and mayonnaise. I’m a “make from scratch” kind of girl, so I make my own mayonnaise, I highly recommend it, and it doesn’t take very long if you have a food processor or one of those hand-held emulsion blenders. I love making bread too, but I am too busy sometimes, and Ace Bakery makes an amazing organic white loaf that has such an amazing crumb and crust, I can’t resist.

I had a huge basket-full of tomatoes that have been accumulating over the weeks from my CSA. I’ve gotten a colourful assortment of tomatoes that are just amazingly sweet and juicy. I decided to make my beloved tomato sandwich… it was just the right thing to do with them.

I will usually make one “traditional” sandwich with the typical pickled red onions, sliced fresh tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper, sandwiched between two slices of bread slathered with mayonnaise. Then I make another, substituting some 1 year old cheddar slices for the pickled onion. I really like the change! The cheese adds a delicious creaminess to the sandwich, and still has that great “bite” to it, which is what I love so much about the pickled onions.

So today I biked to the store, bought myself a nice fresh loaf and got to making a mayo, chopping tomatoes, slicing bread, cheese and some delicious summer sausage that I bought from my dairy farmer. Brad has some amazing beef, full of fat and thus full of flavour. His cattle are purely grass-fed, even mostly during the winter, with possibly a few months of eating hay if the grass can’t keep up with their appetite.

A beautifully fresh and simple lunch, best made with gorgeous summer fresh local tomatoes! Toast the bread for a real crunchy treat!

Hi, I’m delicious….