Sauerkraut Update

Kraut - before and after

Kraut – before and after

Appetizing huh?!

So I guess its been about 20 days since I first started fermenting my kraut. And that is what it looks like now.

Try not to be afraid of the white scum… lets call it bloom… or something. Sounds much more edible. I have to admit I’m always a little scared trying it for the first time … yes I’ve made it before, and I’m still afraid. Its just a little intimidating trying something thats been sitting on the counter for over a month, and the white “bloom” doesn’t help. So I got my nerves together and tried the sauerkraut. WOAH. Salty. I mean, I love me some salt, but I think I might have added way too much this time. I guess I should have actually stuck to a recipe (or even my old recipe, what was I thinking!) instead of winging it. So in a panic to save my kraut, I dumped in a ton of water to dilute the salt (which I did after I took these photos). Lets hope that helps a bit :)

Other then that, it tastes nice! It actually tastes like sauerkraut and not like the stench coming from the kraut jar, yay. I consider that a success. I think it needs more time though, its not as sour as I would like it. So the experiment continues…