{Breakfast Today} Boiled Eggs

My favorite breakfast is probably granola or boiled eggs. But the eggs have to be perfect. Nice and still runny inside.. but not too runny.

I get farm eggs (with my CSA), and unlike the ones from the store, they are ALL different sizes, so I have a really hard time getting the timing right.

I pretty much set a pot of water boiling, and then once its rolling away, I drop in the eggs. I dunk them in quickly a few times to get them heated up slower, otherwise they crack for me. Maybe room temperature ones would act nicer then cold ones straight out of the fridge? And then I set the timer for around 6 minutes – depending on the eggs size and hope they turn out the way I like them. I normally take one out and peel it and squish it to check if its cooked enough. If the squish test fails and its still too soft, I plunge it back in the boiling water – yes, with no shell, and then I check it every 30 seconds to see if its done, but all the in and out of the water isn’t a very good technique. I just seem to be terrible at judging the timing! If anyone has some good egg boiling pointers, I am soooo interested and need the help!

More often then I’d like to admit, I over-cook my eggs and the yolk gets all dry and inedible. What do you do in this case? I hate throwing away (or composting even) food that I’ve messed up. I’d rather try to salvage it somehow. A lot of the time this is impossible, and it becomes worm food (composted). But sometimes I am able to fix it… I have made egg salad sandwiches with overcooked eggs before, but I didn’t feel like having a sandwich this time. So I made devilled eggs!

I’ve never made them before, and I’m pretty sure its suppose to have mayo in it, but I didn’t have any made, so I used sour cream instead. Egg yolks mashed together with sour cream, salt and pepper and chopped chives. And darn that was a good way to use up “ruined” boiled eggs!

What do you like to make with over boiled eggs?