CSA Week 18

Ohhhh so sad that the CSA season is coming to an end. I am already missing the zucchini, strawberries, and fresh sweet peas!

No matter… the fall/winter CSA will begin to take its place. This will be my first winter CSA, and boy am I excited. I LOVE root vegetables and kale! I wonder what else those magical Amish will be growing in their greenhouses.. I’ve read that the winter CSA includes lettuce and tomatoes, so I’m pretty happy about that.

 I’m sad that there was no corn this week, I was so used to getting it, and I had BIG plans for it this time… if I could pry myself away from eating it boiled on the cob, which is my favorite. I was planning on making a cold salad with red onions, lime juice and honey… mmmm. Oh well, gotta have variation!
Although I get a lot of reoccurring produce, like tomatoes, onions and carrots… its still on kind of a rotation. I don’t get potatoes every week, or even onions for that matter. And the great thing is, there is always something in my box to surprise me. Last week it was edamame and daikon radish. This week its a beautiful blue/grey pumpkin and GIGANTIC kohlrabi. It always keeps me guessing, that is what I love about the CSA! And especially what on earth to cook with some of the produce I get :)
I have a lovely recipe for the beets and the greens that I have been dying to share with you all!