CSA week 19

Yes that is swiss chard in the back. Isn’t it gigantic! And the colour is so bright. I’m planning on making some ravioli with it, but I will definitely have leftover to use in another dish!

And I never thought I would say this but, yay there’s lettuce! I got such an insane amount of lettuce last year with my CSA from a different farm. I couldn’t eat it fast enough so I started cooking with it and using it to roll things up in, like a chinese chicken lettuce cups. Well I’m craving a salad, so thats just what I’m going to do with it! I have an abundance of croutons built up from leftover bread.

It’s been pretty cool these last few weeks, and I’m craving soup. So I think I might do that with one of the pumpkins or the butternut squash, although these butternut squash pancakes look awesome… and I really want to save that other pumpkin to make this. this, or this… so many choices! I’m kind of leaning towards the ice cream though… Ya its cold, but I just love ice cream too much to care.

I made a tart with the tomatoes from this week and more tomatoes and eggplant from last week. I will post that recipe soon, although my photos are terrible. My house doesn’t have very much light as it is, but now that the days are getting shorter… :(