CSA Week 20 {Dandelion Greens Make an Appearance!)

This weeks CSA box is so totally autumn with all the root veggies and winter squashes. Look at all those nice colours! Autumn is my favourite season… I just love the crisp air and the all of the colours… and maybe it has something to do with me being an autumn born child :)

My friend over at Homemade Gobbledygook had such a lovely quote on her blog, which I’m totally stealing…

” Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. “
— Albert Camus

Isn’t that nice?!

I have such a buildup of peppers… I’m thinking of preserving them by roasting and putting them in olive oil and keeping them in the fridge, making a pepper relish that I saw online (it looks really good!), and maybe freezing some (chopped up for stir frying). I have so many pumpkins now too. I got two last week also… well kind of. Our CSA is awesome.. at the pick up location, if there is something in your box that you don’t like, you can trade it with something in the “trade-ins box”. Last week I had more edamame and I didn’t want it so I traded it in (sorry edamame lovers! Not really a fan…) for a pumpkin, so I ended up with two last week. This week there was decorative dried indian corn. I don’t really decorate so I traded it in for… you guessed it. A pumpkin :) Loooove them! So I’ve been roasting pumpkins and all the pulp is in the fridge to use in a pie (which was requested) and I would like to try a bunch of different things with the pulp too, like muffins, bread and pancakes. So I’m thinking, I can freeze the pulp right? Thats my plan anyways!

Check out In Her Chucks awesome CSA party “Whats in the Box 45” for an awesome round-up of CSA boxes and what people are cooking with their veggies. Great resource for inspiration!


This weeks regular sized CSA box:

2 leaf lettuces
bunch of dandelion greens
2 pie pumpkins
3 bell peppers
yellow large cherry tomatoes
1 cute little red tomato
3 red onions
3 beets
bunch of parsley
butternut squash


2 dozen egg share