Fall/Winter CSA, Week 1

Hellooooo there fall CSA!

Finally. I feel like its been forever, but its only been two weeks. I even ran out of eggs! Ahhh 4 packs of eggs now to last me two weeks. My fall/winter CSA is delivered every two weeks.

This week I got the usual produce that I might expect from a fall csa, except for one thing.
Can you spot it?

Its some kind of tropical looking spiky fruit. To be honest, its a little intimidating….

Apparently its can be called a variety of different names, like Kiwano Horned Melon or Jelly-Melon, or even Blow-Fish Melon, which is a bit scary. From photos of this cut open, the inside looks like neon green jelly with plenty of seeds. And the flavour is suppose to be a combination of cucumber, melon-kiwi-bananna, with the sourness of lime. We shall see! I think it would make a nice salad dressing. Apparently I have to wait until it turns orange for it to be ripe. How on earth did this grow in Canada again?!? I have to say, those Amish are pretty impressive with their greenhouses…

In this weeks CSA box:

Delicata squash
Butternut squash
Tatsoi Mustard Greens
Leaf lettuce
Yellow (cooking) onion
What looks like cipollini (little Italian flat onions) but are larger
Kiwano horned melon
Conical cabbage
Red peppers

I froze the radish greens to use later, hmmmm… pesto maybe? I wonder how spicy they are. Anyone with experience?

I thought my produce was so pretty I revived my centrepiece from Thanksgiving, in which I made a mostly edible centrepiece with my csa squashes and some random leaves and bush branches from my backyard. The Thanksgiving centrepiece has been dwindling away because we’ve been eating parts of it, lol :) So I have a bunch of fresh squashes and other bits to add back to it, yay!

This was it for Thanksgiving:


This is it today.. The Thanksgiving one looked much nicer, now the leaves are all dried up and the butternut squash is just MASSIVE and I have a lot going on here, especially with the onion and spiky fruit, but oh well! They were just too nice not to include :)


Here is the other side.. that spiky thing is just so awesome, I had to put it in there while I wait for it to ripen.



P.S. I’m partying over at inherchucks this week for What’s in the Box #48 so head over there for some great ideas on how to use up your CSA haul!