Fall/Winter CSA, Week 2

All amazing winter produce this week from my trusty fall/winter csa share. Luckily they have a greenhouse and I am lucky enough to be getting beautiful ripe tomatoes still! Yay. You can never have too many tomatoes in my opinion. If I end up having a stockpile its time to can them. I hardly ever have enough of my CSA tomatoes left over to can. I’m normally eating tomato sandwiches for lunch which I am totally in love with. Just add some pickled onions and mayo on toasted bread. AMAZING. It brings back memories for me and lunches my Momma would make. I did however get some pesticide free tomatoes from a man named Rick from the Covent Garden Outdoor Farmers Market. He’s totally amazing, I go back to him every year. I got about a half a bushel or more of Plum (Roma) tomatoes and did a canning session. I really need more. I want to can about 30 jars of tomatoes for the winter. I’ve canned 6 so far :P



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