Get to know me a bit

A foodie living in Southwestern Ontario, spending more time out of the city checking out local farms, then in the city! I enjoy eating heathy and making foods from scratch… even cheese. Heathy to me means as close to nature and traditional eating as possible… the way we were meant to eat. Like local seasonal produce and hormone/antibiotic free meat and poultry from a local farm if I can. Butter, lard, whole (raw) milk and meat are other healthy foods too (everything in moderation of course), but they get a bad rep unfortunately.

I live in the city but I’m a farm girl at heart. I love gardening, but it gets pretty difficult here in the city, especially with the limited space, I can’t grow as much as I’d like. Having never lived on a farm before, its my dream to have a nice chunk of land with a large garden which I could hopefully live off of, and some animals like milk cows and laying hens!

I fist woke  up to what I was really eating while I was working at an ad agency creating a piece for a large company that makes antibiotics for animals. As I read the literature, I discovered that they don’t just inject the animal with antibiotics when they are sick, they do it constantly to prevent them from ever getting sick. Something you have to do when you have that many animals crammed in a barn… if one gets sick, they’ll pretty much all get sick. It doesn’t make me very happy that the cows live like that for their whole life without ever getting to feed on grass and enjoy the fresh air, which is how they are meant to live.

If you’re going to eat meat, I think its important to respect the animal and to make sure that its had a happy life before you slaughter it for food. Killing and cleaning rabbits has made me come to really understand and respect this. Once you kill an animal yourself to feed yourself, you all of a sudden realize how much respect you have for it and want to do it justice when you cook it. I put a lot of love into those dishes. My goal is  to not be so dissconected from the food I eat. I want to take it all in, see how its grown, understand the blood, sweat, and tears that went into that produce, and meet the happy animals that will be my dinner.