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Fall/Winter CSA, Week 2

All amazing winter produce this week from my trusty fall/winter csa share. Luckily they have a greenhouse and I am lucky enough to be getting beautiful ripe tomatoes still! Yay. You can never… Continue reading

Fall/Winter CSA, Week 1

Hellooooo there fall CSA! Finally. I feel like its been forever, but its only been two weeks. I even ran out of eggs! Ahhh 4 packs of eggs now to last me two… Continue reading

Creating Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger

In an attempt to make something fun and exciting with some of the butternut squashes, the first thing that came to mind was soup… despite S’s pleas to make the usual roasted mashed… Continue reading

CSA Week 21 {Goodbye Summer CSA}

I picked up my final CSA box last night *sob*. But turn that frown upside down because that just means that the Fall/Winter CSA is about to begin! In a couple weeks that… Continue reading

CSA Week 20 {Dandelion Greens Make an Appearance!)

This weeks CSA box is so totally autumn with all the root veggies and winter squashes. Look at all those nice colours! Autumn is my favourite season… I just love the crisp air… Continue reading

CSA week 19

Yes that is swiss chard in the back. Isn’t it gigantic! And the colour is so bright. I’m planning on making some ravioli with it, but I will definitely have leftover to use… Continue reading

Slow-Cooker Creamy White Beans with Fresh Tomatoes

One of my favourite comfort foods is white beans. Maybe its because its one of those foods from my childhood. White beans, rapini  (broccoli rabé) and sausage or some other type of meat… Continue reading

When life hands you delicata squash, roast it.

  I love roasted winter squash. Maybe I’m boring.. maybe I predictable… or maybe roasting is just the best possible way to cook winter squash! I don’t think I’ve ever cooked it any… Continue reading

CSA Week 18

Ohhhh so sad that the CSA season is coming to an end. I am already missing the zucchini, strawberries, and fresh sweet peas! No matter… the fall/winter CSA will begin to take its… Continue reading

Lazy Sunday Casserole

Or I should say, “Sunday, but not restricted to”, since I made this on a Friday :) I have all sorts of lazy days, and they come at random days of the week… Continue reading