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{Thanksgiving food-coma} Pumpkin Pie with a Flakey Spelt Crust

I had meant to post this a week ago! But that doesn’t change that I still have pumpkins coming out of my ears. Not that its a bad thing at all, I love… Continue reading

{Breakfast Today} Fluffy Spelt Pumpkin Pancakes

What to do when you have CSA pumpkins and winter squash coming out of your ears? Throw it into any old recipe and hope no one notices there is pumpkin in everything you… Continue reading

Homemade Hamburgers & Buns

We¬†loooooove¬†hamburgers… or as we say in our house, hamboogers. We are totally children, seriously. We have these types of bizarre names for a number of things.. like chicken poo pie… if you can… Continue reading

{Breakfast Today} Boiled Eggs

My favorite breakfast is probably granola or boiled eggs. But the eggs have to be perfect. Nice and still runny inside.. but not too runny. I get farm eggs (with my CSA), and… Continue reading

Spaghetti alla Carbonara with Prosciutto

  I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately for some reason, maybe its the days growing slightly cooler in the evenings, or my going to be too late :) I was starving and needed… Continue reading