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Fall/Winter CSA, Week 2

All amazing winter produce this week from my trusty fall/winter csa share. Luckily they have a greenhouse and I am lucky enough to be getting beautiful ripe tomatoes still! Yay. You can never… Continue reading

Fall/Winter CSA, Week 1

Hellooooo there fall CSA! Finally. I feel like its been forever, but its only been two weeks. I even ran out of eggs! Ahhh 4 packs of eggs now to last me two… Continue reading

CSA Week 21 {Goodbye Summer CSA}

I picked up my final CSA box last night *sob*. But turn that frown upside down because that just means that the Fall/Winter CSA is about to begin! In a couple weeks that… Continue reading

CSA Week 20 {Dandelion Greens Make an Appearance!)

This weeks CSA box is so totally autumn with all the root veggies and winter squashes. Look at all those nice colours! Autumn is my favourite season… I just love the crisp air… Continue reading

Tomato Eggplant Tart with Feta

As you may know, I am not a huge fan of eggplant, and I feel like whenever I tell someone that they always look at me weird and exclaim “you don’t like eggplant?!!”… Continue reading

CSA Week 18

Ohhhh so sad that the CSA season is coming to an end. I am already missing the zucchini, strawberries, and fresh sweet peas! No matter… the fall/winter CSA will begin to take its… Continue reading

CSA Week 17

I was shocked by the size of that root vegetable, and I had a hunch it was a daikon radish, but had no idea how big they were! Turns out it is a… Continue reading

CSA week 16

Here is my veg for the week. lots more tomatoes, and a ton of corn. I love to just eat that corn on the cob with lots of butter :) And oh another… Continue reading

CSA Week 15

Although I may be a little late to the CSA party (busy weekend preserving my CSA bounty) I think may have just squeaked in in time for my first Whats in the Box,… Continue reading